Interested in allowing your child to workout at HFFA? Get them registered
for Youth Orientation! In an effort to prevent physical injury or equipment misuse, 11-14 years old’s are required to attend prior to utilizing the fitness center. The session focuses on the importance of weight room safety, proper technique, machine set-up, and weight room etiquette.

Please call 704.766.222 or email Dustin Bergmann at for more information.

Session Length: 1 Hour
Pickup/Drop off location: Fitness Center Desk
Ages: 11 years old – 15 years old

  • 11-13 year old’s | Required to use facility with parent present.

  • 14 year old’s | Required, but can use weights on their own.

  • 15 year old’s | Not required, but recommended.


Get your children up and moving! Our kid-friendly Zumba class is filled with
fun dance moves for a workout routine that children will enjoy.


Thursday | 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM

Pickup/Drop off location: Studio A

Ages: 5 years old – 11 years old

Dress: Tennis shoes & workout apparel are required


A fun-filled class that introduces children to a variety of sports and games! The class will venture outdoors to play games like kickball, soccer, basketball, capture-the-flag, and more.


Monday – Thursday | 9:30 AM

Pickup/Drop off location: Fitness Center Desk

Ages: 5 years old-11 years old