Whether you are a beginner or an athlete training for an event, our experienced certified personal trainers can help you reach your goals. We are here to help you succeed and overcome any obstacles.


  • Triathlon training
  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Wellness for men and women of all ages
  • Individuals new or returning to exercise
  • Strength training

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Training Availability: Monday – Friday | Early mornings – afternoons

Training Emphasis:
• Strength Training, Mobility & Weight Loss
• Movement Quality
• Movement Efficiency

Education: MS & BS in Exercise Science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning

Certifications: CSCS – NCSA | XPS – EXOS | First Aid & CPR


Training Availability: Monday – Friday Early Morning – Mid Afternoon

Training Emphasis:
• Sports training
• Health coach
• Individuals interested in weight management
• Wellness for men & women of all ages

Education:: BS in Kinesiology concentrated in exercise science & nutrition |
Certifications: ACSM | NCCPT National Counsel Certified Personal Trainers


Friends Make Fitness WAY More Fun!!

Our Small Group Personal Training programs offer the benefits of a personal trainer in a focused setting with the motivation and encouragement of a team! They are capped at five people per class so you can focus on exercises designed to meet your needs, and enjoy a workout with friends to become stronger together! Your small group and trainer will give you the accountability, motivation, and inspiration you need to exceed in your fitness goals.

Join our Certified Personal Trainers on your wellness journey!!

3 – 5 Person Teams

Hour Long Session Twice Weekly

ONLY $25 Per One Hour Session

Semi-Private Training

Nutrition Challenges

Quarterly Fitness Assessments

Seasonal Outings (hiking, luncheons, & more!)


            $25 per session


            Monday |  8:30 am ; 9:30 am ; 6:00 pm ; 7:00 pm

            Tuesday | 6:30 pm

            Wednesday | 9:45 am ; 6:00 pm ; 7:00 pm

            Thursday | 8:15 am ; 6:30 pm

            Friday | 8:30 am

            Saturday | 8:30 am

            Are you looking for a different time like early morning or a lunch group?             Contact us!



Jennifer is an athlete and a professional dedicated to wellness. She has spent over 20 years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, continuing educator, running and strength coach, and a group exercise instructor. Her workout programs are systematic and designed to challenge your strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, flexibility, and core through a whole-body approach. Her goal is not only to educate you as to what your body needs to attain to maintain your goals, but to provide you with an approach to fitness to improve your quality of life in a fun and encouraging environment.

Education: BS in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science
Certifications: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer | AASDM Nutrition Specialist Certified | IDEA Master Trainer

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